Rhode Island

Rhode Island is full of potential

          I went to a family reunion in Rhode Island to scatter my grandparents ashes. We stayed in Narraganset, which had a little beach break. The waves were small, but I felt like it would be a waste to not at least try to catch a few. I rented a longboard that was so water logged it weighed about 60lbs. The board didn’t work great and the waves sucked, but I still had fun. 

        The water temp was in the high sixties and the air temp was in the 80s. I brought my full suit, but I would have been comfortable with a spring suit too.

        The major thing I noticed about the place was the variation of the coastline. Most of us have heard of Ruggles, but there looks to be a ton of potential up and down the coast. Hopefully, next time I’m in that region there is a hurricane swell!

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